Kimbralon Barnes


Kimbralon Barnes, a native of Austin, Texas, has dedicated her life to inspiring and motivating the world through counseling, motivational speaking, and writing. Her ultimate purpose is to help individuals maximize their inner potential and fulfill their dreams. She is a wife, mother, and a grandmother of six, whose passion is to glorify God in all aspects of her life.

For the past 15 years, Kimbralon Barnes has faithfully served children as a Sunday school teacher, Children’s Ministry Director and volunteered with several community programs. Her love for children inspired her to create Youth2Lead, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering children to become successful leaders from childhood throughout adulthood. As a certified motivational speaker and counselor, Kimbralon has provided counseling, words of encouragement, and hope to women battling addictions, domestic violence, and homelessness while giving them a desire to rebuild their lives. Her experience and love for children ignited her passion to pen her first children’s book, F.L.I.P.P. (Faithfully Learning In Public and Private) Your Life to help children and the “young-at-heart” build their relationship with God.

Kimbralon Barnes has surrendered all to fulfill God’s calling and commission on her life to be a beacon of light and hope for others to reach their potential and “pay it forward” as a blessing in the current and future generations to come.